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  CHILDREN AND TEEN ORTHODONTICS                                  

Dr. Bui is trained to provide a wide range of orthodontic care from early orthopedic correction and oral habit prevention to comprehensive orthodontics.  It's never too early to keep an eye on your child's oral development.  Dr. Bui evaluates each child's growth and development and occlusion and can guide you on the timing and the type of treatment that is best for your child. 

Pediatric orthodontics starts at the pre-school age through the teenage years.
A young child with an oral habit that is affecting the teeth or has a jaw discrepancy, such as a crossbite, may benefit from early preventive and orthopedic therapy.  School age children with permanent anterior teeth erupting out of place or are crowded may improve with interceptive orthodontics and expansion.  Some advantages for treatment at this age are correcting the mal- aligned teeth to improve appearance and self-esteem, correcting the arch relationship, and creating room for the crowding which could obviate the need for future extraction.  The adolescent and teenagers who exhibit crowding,  crooked teeth, or spacing are offered full braces, or in selected cases, Invisalign, to create a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

If you would like an orthodontic evaluation for your child at any time , feel free to have Dr. Bui take a look.  At this visit you can discuss with Dr. Bui your concerns and objectives.  The initial consult is typically a visual exam of the child's teeth and facial structure.  For comprehensive treatment cases,  diagnostic records consisting of photographs, x-rays, and models of the teeth are required.  These tools are used by Dr. Bui to study and formulate a customized treatment plan specific for your child's orthodontic goals.

                Overbite or "buck teeth"-  upper front teeth lie too far forward.
                Underbite-   lower front teeth are too far forward, or upper front teeth are too far    back.
                Crossbite-   the upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of the lower teeth when biting
                Open bite-   spaces between the biting surfaces of the teeth when the back teeth bite together.
                Spacing-      gaps or spaces between the teeth.
                Crowding-   when there are too many teeth for the dental ridge to accommodate
                Deep bite-   the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth too much.

Benefits of well-aligned teeth:
                Proper fitting teeth reduce uneven wear.
                Easy access for cleaning teeth which reduces cavities and promotes health gums/bone.
                Nice smile/appearance.
                Improvement of speech.
                Better function/chewing ability.
                Improvement of airways which leads to better breathing.
                Reduction or elimination of jaw/joint pain.
                Enhancement of confidence and self-esteem.

Tina T. Bui, D.D.S.  -  Board Certified Pediatric Dentist -   (281)852-1191

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