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"Great!  Would recommend anyone I know that is in the area!  She is great with kids and works wonders...."

"I liked her very much.  My daughter used to scream and cry and no dentist would work on her until I took her to see Dr. Bui...... She is no longer scared of the dentist."

"We have been using Dr. Bui for 4 years and both my children go to her and feel very comfortable around her.  We had one emergency in which all the office staff handled the situation quickly and with success. (Son's front tooth was knocked out.)  I would definitely recommend her for anyone's children."

"She is great.  The staff was excellent with my toddler......and they keep her calm throughout each exam.... You never have to wait long on the phone when you call and they return your calls promptly when you leave a message!  Great practice to go to."

"I took my children in for an appointment.... It was a great dental office....The staff was extremely pleasant, and Dr. Bui was great......They cleaned and sealed my son and daughter's teeth.  They were very thorough in their work, and very easy to speak with.  They are also very kid friendly.  Not only that, buy my children loved them!!  Both like Dr. Bui, and don't mind the dentist anymore.  Definitely an A+++"

"I'm so glad I found her! I really like the whole staff. They work hard with the kids to make it a good experience for them. The decor is fun for kids, and the staff is friendly. As a Mom, I'm also grateful for how thorough and careful they are. "

"I take my son to Dr. Bui in Humble and she is GREAT with kids. Dr. Bui is a pediatric dentist and her office is set up just for kids. My son was terrified to go to dentist and he begs to stay longer at Dr. Bui's office! "